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“I can speak from experience that Mary Ploegsma’s talent with portraiture shows an uncanny ability to not only capture a person’s likeness, but to somehow capture his or her essence.  When you look at the painting, you do not want to walk away from it.  You want to just keep looking.”
Mrs. Patricia Davis

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Noni Stearns

30" x 24" Oil on Linen “I’d wanted to have Noni’s  portrait painted for some time, but it had to be special:  I didn’t want something that was photo-realistic, or highly posed.  I wanted the artist to really capture her so that when anyone who knows her saw the painting, they’d remark, “That, that’s her!” and mean it beyond just skin-deep.  A tall order.  Then I saw Mary’s work and I knew immediately I’d found “my” portrait artist.  R Stearns